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Walking Close to Rugby Guidebook

Walking Close to Rugby Guidebook

by: Clive Brown
One of a range of 'no frills' local walking guide booklets which admirably achieve their objective of getting you out in the countryside amongst beautiful scenery on carefully chosen routes full of interest. The directions are clear and precise and the pencil drawn sketch maps are particularly attractive as well as practical.

This guide describes ten varied and interesting circular walks close to Rugby in Warwickshire. The walks are between 5 and 7 miles in length, except for one, which is 10 miles. Legend says that the game of Rugby began in 1823 when, during a game of football, 17-year old William Webb Ellis, who 'with a fine disregard for the rules of football, picked up the ball and ran with it'. Sadly, although a good story, it is unlikely to be true. Places of interest visited on the walks include Draycote Water with a surface area of over 600 acres and Roman Tripontium, founded as a fort around 50 AD. It was rediscovered in 1836 and excavations have since been carried out.

The locations are:
Newbold on Avon, Little Lawford and the Newbold Tunnel - 5 miles
Draycote Water - 6.5 miles
Newton, Shawell and Roman Tripontium - 6.75 miles
Barby and the Oxford Canal - 4.75 miles
Dunchurch, Thurlaston, Frankton and Draycote - 10.25 miles
Church Lawford and the Avon Horseshoe - 4.25 miles
Monks Kirby and Newnham Paddox Park - 7 miles
Brinklow and the Brinklow Arches - 6.25 miles
Clifton upon Dunsmore and Hillmorton Locks - 6.75 miles
Churchover and Harborough Magna - 5.75 miles

ISBN 9781907669620 Pages 24 (2010 reprinted 2022) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 2.40