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Nidderdale Way - Harvey Map

Nidderdale Way - Harvey Map

This Harvey Route Map shows the entire Nidderdale Way on one fold out sheet. At a scale of 1:40,000 the map has excellent detail and ensures accurate navigation. The path is clearly marked and is identified as following a track, path, or not visible on the ground. It also covers sufficient area to obtain a clear understanding of the surrounding terrain along the route. The map shows the National Grid to aid referencing, is GPS compatible and includes a full legend.

A brief introduction and description of the route is included, together with directions on how to get to the start and attractions along the way. There are enlargements of important towns and villages showing facilities available. The map is printed on waterproof paper and has an additional protective plastic sleeve.

ISBN 9791851373924 (2002) folded 116mm x 245mm

Price: 8.95