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Macmillan Ways

Macmillan Way Walking Guidebook

Macmillan Way Walking Guidebook

by: Macmillan Way Association
This 290-mile coast to coast long distance path has been developed to increase public awareness of Macmillan Cancer Relief and to assist in raising funds for this charitable organisation. The trail first crosses the Lincolnshire Fens and then follows, as near as possible, the course of the long oolitic limestone belt which comprises stone known as 'Cotswold' in the Cotswold area, but which runs in slightly varying forms all the way from South Yorkshire to Dorset. The Macmillan Way starts from Boston and then runs across the Fens to their western edge at Kate's Bridge near Bourne before joining the limestone belt. From here it runs to Stamford and then along the shore of Rutland Water to Oakham. It then heads south and west to Abbotsbury in Dorset, a coastal village noted for its lovely old limestone buildings.

This highly detailed full colour guide has full route details on 58 double page spreads with inter-relating text and corresponding coloured sketch maps based upon OS mapping. The guide divides the route into nine sections, each allocated a chapter. The navigation text is written in short step-by-step paragraphs each allocated an identifying letter which is also shown on the map, plus the grid reference. There are also 75 colour photographs depicting places of interest along the way, GPS waypoints and details of places of interest. There are alternative route directions to visit Cirencester and Tetbury.

We would recommend this route and the guide, not just because of the joy of walking this varied and rewarding route, but because by doing so you are helping a very worthy cause.

The nine chapters are as follows:
Boston to Obthorpe - 30 miles
Obthorpe tp Oakham - 25 miles
Oakham to Flore - 43 miles
Flore to Warmington - 22 miles
Warmington to Maugersbury (near Stow-on-the-Wold) - 24 miles
Maugersbury to Coates - 26 miles
Coates to Bradford-on-Avon - 37 miles
Bradford-on-Avon to Bruton - 32 miles
Bruton to Abbotsbury - 51 miles

ISBN 9780993361227 Pages 128 (2022) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 11.95

Macmillan Way West Walking Guidebook

Macmillan Way West Walking Guidebook

by: Macmillan Way Association
This guide describes the 102-mile Macmillan Way West; a footpath running across the west country from Castle Cary to Barnstaple. The route forms a link between the main Macmillan Way at Castle Cary and the South-West Coast National Trail at Barnstable. There is an intermediate link with the northern terminus of the South-West Coast path at Minehead.

From Castle Cary, the former home of Douglas Macmillan, the Macmillan Cancer Relief charity's founder, the path crosses lush meadowlands to Somerton and then heads across the Somerset Levels to North Petherton. From here it goes north-westward along the lovely Quantock Hills and then wends across quiet farming country to Dunster. Beyond here it crosses some of the wildest parts of magnificent Exmoor before dropping down into the deep- wooded valleys of North Devon and on to Barnstable.

The full colour guide begins with an introduction to the route giving some of the background to its creation and use, the second a detailed description of the path itself, divided into five chapters varying in length according to the appropriate stopping and starting points. There are 23 double page spreads each with inter-relating text and map. The guidebook is illustrated with a total of 50 colour photographs of the route and the comprehensive text describing the route is supported by highly detailed coloured sketch maps.

The sections are:
Castle Cary to Somerton - 11 miles
Somerton to North Petherton - 18 miles
North Petherton to Dunster - 31 miles
Dunster to Mole's Chamber - 22 miles
Mole's Chamber to Barnstaple - 20 miles

Macmillan Way West has been developed to increase public awareness of Macmillan Cancer Relief and to assist in raising funds for its vitally important work. In buying this guide and walking the route you are walking 'Across Country for Cancer Care' as the charity's waymarkers proudly proclaim along the whole course of the route.

ISBN 9780993361234 Pages 56 (2021) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 8.50

Cross-Cotswold Pathway Walking Guidebook

Cross-Cotswold Pathway Walking Guidebook

by: Macmillan Way Association
This 86-mile walking route across the Cotswolds from Banbury to Bath is based largely on the Cotswold section of the main 290-mile coast to coast Macmillan Way. The route covers the cream of Cotswold country, so much of which lies hidden away from the normal visitor. The Cross-Cotswold starting and finishing sections have been specially planned to provide walkers with the best possible bus and train links to the northern and southern ends of the Cotswolds; hence the Banbury start and Bath finish.

The route follows existing footpaths, bridleways and byways and small stretches of minor roads when these are unavoidable. From Banbury it heads westward across the rolling Oxfordshire Cotswolds, soon passing lovely Broughton Castle. It then follows the course of a Roman road almost to the village of Epwell, where it joins the Macmillan Way, the course of which will then be followed all the way to Box in Wiltshire. From Box the route heads westward and crosses the Avon before joining the Kennet and Avon canal towpath which it follows into Bath.

The guide contains detailed route directions divided into three chapters covering all 86 miles. There are 19 double page spreads each with inter-relating text, map, and colour photographs. Clear coloured sketch maps detailed route-finding instructions together with all the necessary practical information make navigation and planning straightforward. GPS waypoints and details of places of interest along the way are included. There is also an introduction to the 'Cotswold Round'.

ISBN 9780993361265 Pages 48 (2024) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 8.95

Abbotsbury - Langport Link Walking Guidebook

Abbotsbury - Langport Link Walking Guidebook

by: Macmillan Way Association
This path runs for 42 miles from Abbotsbury on the Dorset Coast to Langport in Somerset, where it joins Macmillan Way West, a path running from Castle Cary to Barnstaple. Together, these guidebooks make it possible to walk a 126-mile coast-to-coast route from Abbotsbury to Barnstaple.

This route is part of the Macmillan Ways network of paths, which have been developed to increase public awareness of Macmillan Cancer Support and to assist in the raising of further funds for this vitally important charitable organisation.

This guide provides a detailed description of the 42-mile Abbotsbury-Langport Link. Each of the 10 double page spreads is entirely self-contained, with map and text all inter-relating. This will ensure that when the book is opened out and inserted into a transparent map case, it can stay there until the next map section is reached. The maps are at a scale of 1:50,000 based upon the OS Landranger series.

Each paragraph of text starts with a reference letter. This cross-refers with the same letter on the accompanying map. Next to the reference letter is the GPS Waypoint co-ordinate of the same location. The book is printed in full colour, including photographs. Details of places of interest along the way are printed in brown to distinguish them from navigation text printed in black.

ISBN 9780993361241 Pages 28 (2021) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 4.95

Cotswold Link Guidebook

Cotswold Link Guidebook

by: Macmillan Way Association
This 21-mile route between Chipping Campden and Banbury has been devised by the Macmillan Way Association to provide walkers with a circular path around the best of the Cotswold country. Being circular. It can be started from any point, although Banbury and Bath are the best options for most people as they are so well placed on main rail and bus routes.

This circular route, referred to as the 'Cotswold Round', comprises three elements:
Cross- Cotswold Pathway from Banbury to Bath - 86 miles
Cotswold Way National Trail from Bath to Chipping Campden - 100 miles
Cotswold Link (this guidebook) from Chipping Campden to Banbury - 21 miles

This guidebook includes a detailed step-by-step description of the Chipping Campden to Banbury route and includes clear sketch maps referenced to the navigation text. Each numbered paragraph includes the grid reference at that point.

To walk the complete 'Cotswold Round' you would need to purchase this guide, plus the Cross-Cotswold Pathway and a Cotswold Way guidebook or map. All are available from our bookshop.

Pages 14 148mm x 210mm

Price: 2.50

Cross Britain Way Walking Guidebook

Cross Britain Way Walking Guidebook

authors: Tim Brunton and Dan Birch
The Cross Britain Way is a journey from the Lincolnshire Fens at the Wash to the Welsh coast in Snowdonia. The route has been created as a long-distance walk with a dual purpose - to create a new coast to coast route across Britain, and at the same time to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. It is one of the official Macmillan Way Paths and is 280 miles in length.

The Cross Britain Way starts at the Lincolnshire coast and heads westward across the middle of England taking in parts of six English counties and Powys and Gwynedd in Wales, finishing on the Welsh coast at Barmouth.

From the Wash it goes through the Vale of Belvoir, the Leicestershire Wolds, the Soar Valley and the National Forest. After the canals of South Staffordshire, it turns south-west across Cannock Chase, through the Ironbridge Gorge, into the Shropshire Hills via Wenlock Edge, and Welsh Borders, then crosses the rolling green hills of Mid Wales and over the Berwyn Mountains into the Snowdonia National Park. The final stretch is south-west, from Bala Lake through Snowdonia to Barmouth.

The route incorporates stretches of six canals, five of which are in England and one in Wales. It also includes stretches of twelve existing, named long distance footpaths.

The guidebook contains detailed route directions and Ordnance Survey based maps covering the whole route. There is an accommodation list and other information to help walkers, but of course this was only correct at the time of publication. Information about places of interest is included, highlighted in yellow panels to distinguish it from navigation text. There are also numerous colour photographs illustrating paths and places along the route.

The route is described in the guidebook in ten chapters as below, each of which represents two- or three-days walking for the average walker.
Boston to Folkingham - 31 miles
Folkingham to Hickling - 35 miles
Hickling to Melbourne - 26 miles
Melbourne to Barton under Needwood - 20 miles
Barton under Needwood to Penkridge - 29 miles
Penkridge to Ironbridge - 24 miles
Ironbridge to Church Stretton - 22 miles
Church Stretton to Welshpool - 25 miles
Welshpool to Bala - 38 miles
Bala to barmouth - 30 miles

Pages 144 (2014) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 11.99