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Local Walks Around Hereford

Local Walks Around Hereford

by: Mike Thompson
Hereford is a historic border city surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in England, making it an excellent base for walking. All of these fifteen circular walks are within 10 miles of the city centre, and follow paths and tracks which explore the little known delightful Herefordshire countryside with its secret dingles and brooks, its wealth of broadleaf woods, its cider orchards and it magnificent panoramic views.

Each walk chapter begin with a brief description of the walk to help you make a choice, and details of how to get to the start. The route finding instructions are clearly described and are supported by detailed sketch maps. Information about points of interest is included, printed in italics to distinguish them from route instructions.

The walk locations are:
Garway Hill - 3 miles
Kilpeck and Saddlebow - 6 miles
The Marcle Ridge - 4 miles
Athelstan's Wood - 5 miles
Vowchurch Common - 6 miles
Bridge Sollers and Preston on Wye - 6 miles
Bodenham and the River Lugg - 5 miles
Stoke Lacy and Ullingswick - 5 miles
Blackbury Hill and Pentaloe Glen - 5 miles
Brockhampton and the River Wye - 3.75 miles
Shucknall and Westhide - 3 miles
Weobley - 5 miles
Sutton Walls - 3 miles
Breinton Springs and Wyevale Wood - 5.5 miles
Pengethley, River Wye and Sellack - 5.5 miles

ISBN 9781902302492 Pages 33 (2005 reprinted 2015) 148mm x 210mm

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