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John Muir WayRucksack Readers Walking Guidebook

John Muir WayRucksack Readers Walking Guidebook

by: Sandra Bardwell and Jacquetta Megarry
The John Muir Way runs across Scotland for 134 miles (215km) from Helensburgh on the Clyde to Dunbar on the North Sea. The route is fully waymarked and designed as much to suit cyclists as walkers. It will appeal not only to those planning a single coast-to-coast expedition but also to people tackling it in sections, made easy by good public transport across central Scotland. The route offers a wealth of fine scenery, peaceful canal towpaths, Roman remains and welcoming pubs and bed and breakfast locations.

This guidebook contains all that a walker needs to plan and enjoy the route on foot or bike. There are detailed route descriptions with distances and food and drink stops supported by a map of the entire route in 6 drop down panels at a scale of 1:115,000. Background information includes a concise treatment of John Muir's life and work as well as details on the canal heritage and wildlife, supported by superb photographs. Practical information includes details of public transport, when to go, accommodation and facilities and travel planning. The guide is lavishly illustrated with over 90 colour photographs. This edition was updated in 2018 and includes the Kilpatricks route.

The Rucksack Readers guidebooks have a unique format in that they are spiral bound at the top allowing every page to be opened flat. The additional clever feature is a drop-down route map which allows any page plus the map to be displayed together for convenience on the trail. The book is printed on paper treated with waterproof varnish that withstands the wet plus the map and book covers have a matt laminate on both sides.

ISBN 9781898481836 Pages 72 plus folding map (2018) 145mm x 220mm

Price: 14.50