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Cheltenham Circular Footpath

Cheltenham Circular Footpath Guidebook

Cheltenham Circular Footpath Guidebook

by: various contributors
The Cheltenham Circular Footpath which is just over 25 miles long, encircles Cheltenham and is based on existing rights of way. The route passes through some very attractive countryside. To the east and south is the high ground of the Cotswold escarpment. This lies in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and affords splendid walking and magnificent views of Cheltenham, the Severn Vale and the hills beyond. To the west and north there is gentler farm land with its own peace and beauty, and often fine views up to the escarpment or across the Vale.

Few will want to walk the circuit in one go. Most will prefer to select shorter sections which may be reached by foot, bus or car. The guidebook therefore divides the Cheltenham Circular Footpath into twelve parts, each with its own map and notes. Further information, indicated by numbers in the text, may be found at the back of the booklet. Suggestions regarding buses, parking and refreshments are also provided.

The guide book has been written by ten local members of the Ramblers Association and the Cotswold Voluntary Warden Service.

ISBN 9781873877173 Pages 40 (1996) 148mm x 210mm

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