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Yorkshire Dales - Short Walks Guidebook

Yorkshire Dales - Short Walks Guidebook

by Dennis and Jan Kelsall
One of the Ordnance Survey Short Walks series for all the family. These lovely little guides are the ideal companion for short walks that can be enjoyed by all. Features include clear and easy to follow instructions; detailed Ordnance Survey Explorer mapping with the route clearly highlighted, and specially commissioned photographs. There are twenty routes to choose from, colour coded by length and difficulty; green for easy; blue for modest length with some climbing and red for more challenging walks, possibly with stiff climbs.

Each walk begins with a brief summary describing the landscape and features of the route. A side panel gives all the practical information required including start location, distance, time, parking, any public transport options and refreshment facilities. GPS waypoints are listed for key navigation points. The route finding text paragraphs are referenced to locations on the map, so you always know where you are.

The walk locations are:
Around Dent - 3 miles
Askrigg's Waterfalls - 3.25 miles
Aysgarth Falls - 3 miles
West Burton Falls and Morpeth Scar - 2.75 miles
Surrender Bridge and Old Gang Mill - 3.25 miles
Stainforth to Catrigg Force - 2.5 miles
Conistone Pie - 3 miles
Around Burnsall - 3 miles
Muker to Ivelet Bridge - 4.75 miles
Hawes to Hardraw Force - 4.25 miles
Around Semer Water - 3.5 miles
Ribblehead Viaduct - 4.5 miles
Lofthouse to How Stean Gorge - 3.5 miles
Kirkby Malham to Airton - 3.75 miles
Grassington to Grass Wood - 5 miles
Wharfedale, Barden Tower and The Strid - 5 miles
Reeth to Marrick Abbey - 6 miles
Buckden to Hubberholme - 5 miles
Settle to Victoria and Jubilee Caves - 5.25 miles
Malham Cove, Gordale Scar and Janet's Foss - 5 miles

ISBN 9780319091012 Pages 110 (2018) 115mm x 180mm

Price: 7.95