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Wysis Way

Wysis Way Walking Guidebook

Wysis Way Walking Guidebook

by: Gerry Stewart
From the ancient earthwork of Offa's Dyke, built to the order of Offa, the powerful king of Mercia (the English Midlands), in 800AD, to the infant Thames rising from the limestone high in Gloucestershire, the Wysis Way runs for 55 miles through the distinctive areas of the Forest of Dean, Severn Vale and Cotswold. Linking the two great National Trails, Offa's Dyke Path and the Thames Path, it provides the link to continuous walking for 400 miles from the North Wales coast to Greenwich.

The Wysis Way starts at Monmouth, where Offa's Dyke crosses the River Wye and heads east across a tract of the Forest of Dean and the Leaden Vale to Gloucester, which fully validates the old line 'blessed is the eye between the Severn and the Wye'. After crossing the River Severn the route heads south east over Robinswood Hill and climbs the Cotswold escarpment to Painswick Beacon. It continues onwards through this glorious countryside visiting Bisley, Sapperton and finally meets the Thames, or Isis, near Kemble. The guide provides very clear directions, excellent sketch maps and some background information.

ISBN 9780952787013 Pages 71 (2012) 130mm x 210mm

Price: 6.95