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Wiltshire - A Dog Walker's Guide

Wiltshire - A Dog Walker's Guide

by: Nigel Vile
A leisurely stroll in the countryside is always a pleasure for dog walkers. But once you leave your familiar routes there is always the worry of where you might suddenly find a field full of sheep, or a busy road, not to mention the difficulty of knowing which pubs and cafes will welcome you both.

Here is a collection of 20 tried and tested circular walks with plenty of opportunities for your dog to roam off lead. The circular routes vary in length from 3 to 7 miles and provide a great introduction for dogs and their owners to Wiltshire's ancient landscape. Magical walks by Stonehenge and Avebury's Neolithic stones; waterside walks along the delightful By Brook in Castle Combe, the River Ebble and the Kennet and Avon Canal; Iron Age hill forts, barrows and the earthworks of the Wansdyke; as well as landscaped parkland, open commons and Wiltshire's wonderful rolling downland.

All the walks include details of dog factors such as livestock and stiles, recommended dog friendly pubs and cafes and contact details for the nearest vets. Other practical information includes distance, terrain, where to park, how to get there and nearest refreshments. The route finding instructions are in clear numbered paragraphs supported by a coloured sketch map with corresponding location numbers. There are also many colour photographs.

The walk locations are:
Ravensroost and Millbourne Common Wood - 3 miles
Barbury Castle and Smeathe's Ridge - 5.5 miles
Castle Combe - 5 miles
Box Hill and the Hazelbury Estate - 3.5 miles
Bradford on Avon and Avoncliff - 3 miles
Morgan's Hill and the Wansdyke - 5.5 miles
Roundway Down - 5 miles
Ancient Avebury - 6 miles
Ogbourne St Andrew - 5 miles
Milk Hill and Adam's Grave - 3.5 miles
Savernake Forest - 3.5 miles
Great Bedwyn and Crofton - 5.5 miles
West Lavington and Salisbury Plain - 6 miles
Corton and the Great Ridge Wood - 7 miles
The Stonehenge Estate - 5 miles
The Stourhead Estate - 5 miles
Great Wishford and Grovely Wood - 5 miles
Coombe Bissett - 5 miles
Broad Chalke - 6.5 miles
Tollard Royal and Cranborne Chase - 6 miles

ISBN 9781846743382 Pages 96 (2016) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 7.95