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West Sussex Literary Trail

West Sussex Literary Trail Walking Guidebook

West Sussex Literary Trail Walking Guidebook

by: Peter Anderson & Keith McKenna
The West Sussex Literary Trail was opened officially on 6th April 2007 with an inaugural walk. This fifty-five-mile long distance footpath links Horsham and Chichester and is fully waymarked. The route has been planned to link many places where famous literary characters have lived, worked or have been associated with. Walking this Trail with the guide as companion adds a whole new dimension to enjoying the Sussex countryside, bringing to life the stories of these writers and poets and adding insight into the history of the Weald and Downs. Literary figures featured in the guide include Keats, Defoe, Collins, Hayley, Blake, James, Belloc, Larkin, Fry and numerous others.

The guide describes the route in six sections each with detailed route instructions and a clear coloured sketch map. The directions are interspersed with anecdotal notes about the many interesting places visited. Before each route section there are separate chapters describing the associated literary characters. There are numerous full colour photographs throughout the book. This is a long distance walk where you will not want to rush with all there is to ponder, and a leisurely day per section is the best way to experience it.

The day walk sections are:
Horsham to Barns Green - 10.5 miles
Barns Green to Nutbourne - 9 miles
Nutbourne to Houghton Bridge - 8.5 miles
Houghton Bridge to Duncton - 8.75 miles
Duncton to Charlton - 8.5 miles
Charlton to Chichester - 9.25 miles

ISBN 9780954965433 Pages 110 (2007) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 8.95