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Wensleydale and Swaledale

Wensleydale and Swaledale

by: Paul Hannon
The Northern Yorkshire Dales includes the two major valleys of Wensleydale and Swaledale, including the side valleys of Coverdale, Bishopdale and Arkengarthdale, all within the National Park.

This guidebook contains 25 great walks, well-illustrated with colour photographs and concisely described, which lead you through some stunning landscapes of woodland, riverbank and moorland, including an amazing array of beautiful waterfalls. There are overview sketch maps to compliment the navigation text. Notes on points of specific interest are included within the text, but printed in red to distinguish them from route finding.

Explore the historic splendour of Castle Bolton, Jervaulx Abbey and Middleham Castle, the absorbing little towns of Leyburn, Hawes and Reeth, the cascades of Hardraw, Aysgarth and Keld.

Discover the natural delights of Semerwater, Gunnerside Gill, Grinton Moor and the Swale Gorge, and climb the colourful little fells of Penhill, Addlebrough and Calver Hill. Amble around the majestic medieval town of Richmond, as well as a wealth of colourful stone-built villages such as Bainbridge, West Burton and Askrigg, Muker, Langthwaite and Marske.

The walk locations are:
Jervaulx Abbey - 7 miles
Cover Banks - 5.75 miles
Leyburn Shawl - 6.25 miles
Coverdale - 6.5 miles
Penhill Beacon - 5.5 miles
Walden Valley - 6.75 miles
Bishopdale - 6.75 miles
Castle Bolton - 7.25 miles
Whitfield Gill - 6.75 miles
Addlebrough - 6.25 miles
River Bain - 5.75 miles
Semerwater - 5 miles
Hardraw Force - 6 miles
Swale Gorge - 6 miles
Arn Gill and Swinner Gill - 6.5 miles
Around Kisdon - 5.5 miles
Around Gunnerside - 5.75 miles
Gunnerside Gill - 6 miles
Arkengarthdale - 5 miles
Calver Hill - 6 miles
Fremington Edge - 6.75 miles
Marrick Priory - 6 miles
Grinton Smelt Mill - 6.25 miles
Marske Valley - 6 miles
Whitcliffe Scar - 5.75 miles

ISBN 9781907626173 Pages 96 (2017) 115mm x 177mm

Price: 5.99