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Walks in the Dyfi Valley Guidebook

Walks in the Dyfi Valley Guidebook

by: David Perrott
This guide describes twenty enchanting walks in and around the beautiful Dyfi Valley in the heart of Wales. The book centres on Machynlleth, situated in the Dyfi Valley between the Plynlimons and Snowdonia and with easy access to the coast. The walks encompass both the north and south sides of the lower Dyfi Valley, as far as the seaside resorts of Aberdyfi and Borth and inland to Dylife and Cemmaes.

The routes vary in length from 2 to 7 miles and the guide includes sketch maps with numbered cross references to the detailed route instructions. Each walk entry begins with a box giving an overview summary, start location with grid reference and instructions how to get there, plus the walk distance.

The starting locations are:
An Aberdyfi Panorama - 3.5 miles
Above Picnic Island near Aberdyfi - 4 miles
Happy Valley and Llyn Barfog - 2.5 miles
Pennal and the River Dyfi - 3 miles
Woodland wanders Above Pennal - 7 miles
Beach and Bog at Borth - 5.5 miles
Tre'r-ddol - 4 miles
The Estuary at Ynys-Hir - 4 miles
Derwenlas and Cwm Llyfnant - 4.5 miles
Machynlleth, Sewin and the Dyfi Bridge - 1.75 miles
Machynlleth, Forge and Golf Course - 3 miles
Machynlleth and Mynydd Llwyn-Gwern - 3 miles
Darowen and the Three Peaks View - 4.5 miles
The Darowen Panorama - 3 miles
Commins Coch and a taste of Glyndwr - 5 miles
Aberhosan and Wynford's View - 6.5 miles
Dylife and Waterfalls over Pennant - 5.5 miles
Tafolwern Castle Mound - 7 miles
Cwm Llinau and Farming the Wind - 7 miles
Cemmaes Woodlands - 3 miles

ISBN 9781902302768 Pages 41 (2016) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 4.95