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Walks from Wooler

Walks from Wooler

by: Geoff Holland
A huge amount of rain has trickled down the burns of the Cheviot Hills since W. Ford Robertson's book 'Walks from Wooler' was first published in 1926 and, at first sight, the hills seem pretty much the same as they did all those years ago. Yet there has been change; that much is inevitable.

This book, by the author of the popular book of walks 'The Cheviot Hills', sets out to discover how that change has affected route descriptions now more than 80 years old and to find out whether those routes are still relevant today. On eight totally new walks this book peeps into a walking past whilst keeping both feet firmly planted in high-tech walking present. Along the way it uncovers a world of tackety boots and stout sticks.

Each walk chapter begins with a short description of the route plus practical data including distance, ascent, terrain, time and start point with grid reference. The route descriptions are clear and comprehensive with grid references given for major navigation points along the way. Each walk has also been assigned a Ferguson Grading System rating and the book gives details of this system and how to interpret the grades which are used to give you an understanding of the difficulty of the route from the point of view of navigation, physical exertion and safety. The book includes an informative introduction to the area and is illustrated with colour photographs. The coloured sketch maps give an outline of the route but are fairly basic, so we would recommend carrying the relevant OS Explorer map and a compass on these walks.

The walk locations are:
Cold Law from Carey Burn Bridge in Harthope Valley - 6.25 miles
A walk to the top of the Cheviot from Hawsen Burn in Harthope Valley - 8.5 miles
Tom Tallon's Crag from Wooler - 9.25 miles
The Hart Heugh Gliders from Wooler - 8.25 miles
High above the College Burn from Hethpool in the College Valley - 9.75 miles
The eastern fringe from Langlee in the Harthope Valley - 6.5 miles
Hedgehope Hill from Hawsen Burn in Harthope Valley - 8.25 miles
Lambden Valley Hills from Hawsen Burn in Harthope Valley - 7.5 miles

ISBN 9781905444519 Pages 108 (2012) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 9.95