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Walks around Chipping Norton Guidebook

Walks around Chipping Norton Guidebook

by: Mark Richards
For all who enjoy a good walk this selection of circular country excursions should provide the impetus to explore the quiet countryside that embraces this fine old market town. The path network extending around the compass from Chipping Norton presents tremendous scope for rural rambles. If you are visiting Chipping Norton this modest guide can provide hours of walking pleasure.

Each of the five walks has clear written directions and a sketch map and vary in length from 5 to 11 miles. The three longer walks have optional shorter versions. The walks are as follows:

Swing Swang Walk - a natural close country circuit of Chipping Norton - 5 miles
Swailsford Valley Walk visiting Cornwell and Salford - 6 miles
Sarsbrook Valley Walk visiting Sarsbrrok Combe and Churchill - 6 miles
Hawk Stone Walk visiting Chadlington and the mrgalith stone - 7.5 miles
Glyme Valley Walk visiting Enstone and Nether Chalford lost village - 8 miles

ISBN 9781873877876 Pages 16 (2008) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 2.50