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Walks around Burford

Walks around Burford

by: Mark Richards
Burford is an excellent walking centre from which to explore the beautiful countryside of the Windrush and upper Shill Brook valleys. To genuinely gain the feel of this country town it is necessary to see it in perspective, to sense its setting and historic ambiance from its heritage of footpaths radiating to east, south and west. The four walks described here are designed to provide you with the best options to experience this setting.

The walk descriptions provide detailed route finding instructions, but there are no maps, so we would recommend carrying the Ordnance Survey Explorer map OL45 for safety. There is an overview sketch map showing the relationship of the walks. Notes on features of interest along the way are interspersed within the text. The walks begin at the Burford town car park

Walk one to the east visits Fulbrook, Swinbrook and Widford - 4.5 miles
An extension to walk one to Asthall and Akeman Street adds another 3.5 miles

Walk two to the south visits Shilton and Widford Mill - 7 miles

Walk three to the south-west visits Signet, Holwell and Westwell
From Burford 6 miles, or beginning from Signet 3.5 miles

Walk four to the west visits Upton, Little and Great Barrington and Taynton - 6.25 miles
ISBN 9781873877081 Pages 16 (2008) 148mm x 210mm

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