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Walks Around the Sandstone Ridge

Walks Around the Sandstone Ridge

by: Steve Goodier
The twenty walks in this guide cover the great Sandstone Ridge which runs down the west side of Cheshire from the coastal regions around Frodsham before terminating towards the Shropshire border some thirty miles distant. Along and around this elevated ground you will find sandstone outcrops, lovely woodland, ancient castles, meres and many lovely villages. All these walks are either on the hill country of the ridge or very close to it. The guide also takes in excursions to an ancient mere and explores the great Forest of Delamere, as well as the rolling heathland of Little Budworth Common. Some of the walks include sections of the Sandstone Trail.

Each walk chapter includes an overview description with details of how to get to the start. This is followed by detailed route finding instructions in numbered paragraphs which correspond to points on a sketch map. Additional background information is provided about many of the places visited.

The walk locations are:
Frodsham Hill and Beacon - 5 miles
Helsby Hill - 3 miles
Woodhouse Hill and Foxhill Woods - 3.5 miles
Barns Bridge Gate and the New Pale area - 5.25 miles
Hatchmere and Flaxmere - 3.75 miles
Delamere Forest from Linmere Lodge - 5 miles
Eddisbury Hill from Gresty's Waste - 4.5 miles
Gresty's Waste and Primrosehill Wood - 6 miles
Kelsall and the Sandstone Foothills - 5 miles
Little Budworth Common and Country Park - 5 miles
Newchurch Common and the Whitegate Way - 2.5 miles
Marton Hole and the Whitegate Way - 2 miles
Beeston Castle and a Two Castles Trail - 5 miles
Bulkeley Hill, near Gallantry Bank - 2.5 miles
Raw Head and Bickerton Hill - 6 miles
Marbury, Little Mere and Big Mere - 3.5 miles
River Dee and Chester walls - 3.5 miles
Round Hill and King James Hill - 6.5 miles
Malpas and Overton Scar - 6 miles
Chester and the Baker Way - 13 miles (linear)

ISBN 9781902302744 Pages 49 (2010) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 5.95