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Walks Around the Malverns

Walks Around the Malverns

by: Roy Woodcock
The Malvern Hills have well over a hundred miles of paths on the hills and commons, and there is almost unlimited walking with real freedom to roam over many hectares of countryside. The hills are magnificent and the ridge walk is one of the finest in the country, with views east and west over large areas of rural England and into Wales.

The 25 walks in this book were selected to cover the entire range of hills and the adjacent commons; and, as the views looking at the hills can be as impressive as those looking from the hills, a few walks in the Ledbury area to the west and the Upton area and Old Hills to the east have been included. The distances range from 2 to 8 miles, plus a 'leg stretcher' of between ten and sixteen miles (depending on the starting point) that takes in the full length of the ridge and ascends all the Malvern peaks.

Practical information in a panel at the start of each walk includes distance; time; start location with grid reference; terrain; car parking and refreshments. Clear route-finding directions include clear sketch maps and the text also includes plenty of notes on features of interest which are printed in italics to differentiate them. These fascinating notes about history, geology and other interesting features help to make the walks more rewarding. There are numerous black and white photographs.

The walk locations are:
Malvern Town Walk - 3 miles
Round North Hill - 4 miles
Exploring Malvern's Springs - 8 miles
Colwall Station to Great Malvern - 7 miles linear
Malvern Hills Ridge Walk - 10 or 13.5 miles
Malvern Link to North Hill - 4 miles
Malvern Wells - 6 miles
West Malvern - 3 miles
The Beacon from Wyche Cutting - 2.5 miles
Mathon - 6 miles
Gardiner's Quarry to Pinnacle Hill - 3 miles
Little Malvern and Elgar's Grave from Wynds Point - 4 miles
British Camp and Swinyard Hill from Wynds Point - 4 miles
The Obelisk Circuit from Wynds Point - 6 miles
Castlemorton Common and Swinyard Hill - 3 miles
Midsummer Hill and the Commons - 4 miles
Raggedstone Hill and Chase End Hill - 3.5 miles
Ledbury Town Walk - 2 miles
Eastnor from Ledbury - 5 miles
A Poet's walk from Ledbury - 6 miles
Hanley Castle from Upton upon Severn - 3 miles
Downstream to the Hams from Upton upon Severn - 4 miles
Earl's Croome from Upton upon Severn - 5 miles
Ripple from Upton upon Severn - 7 miles
Old Hills and Deblin's Green - 3 miles

ISBN 9781850589723 Pages 149 (2014) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 8.99