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Walking the South West Coast Path Companion Guide

Walking the South West Coast Path Companion Guide

by: Simon Butler and Phillip Carter
This companion guide to the South West Coast Path is intended to provide added pleasure and knowledge for those who are planning to walk it, or have walked it in whole or in part. With the inclusion of over 230 illustrations, spectacular aerial photographs appearing alongside historic photos and stories, this companion guide paints a picture of the places the walker will find along the coastal route depicting them as they were in bygone days.

This background information will enhance the reader's experience of their walk, long or short, helping them visualise the small villages, seaside towns and ports through which they pass, as they looked in earlier times. Ten chapters cover the whole route from Minehead to Poole Harbour, and there are details of twenty separate shorter walks for day visits.

ISBN 9780857100979 Pages 144 (2015) 150mm x 210mm hardback

Price: 9.99