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Walking the Old Ways of South Shropshire Guidebook

Walking the Old Ways of South Shropshire Guidebook

by: Andy and Karen Johnson
The walks in this book have been chosen with the aim of exploring Shropshire's past, with each walk passing or visiting features about which some background information is given. These include churches, chapels, castles and castle sites, dykes, tumuli, stone circles, hillforts, sites of deserted villages, medieval houses, stately homes, drover's roads, inns, mills. The Severn Valley Railway and industrial remains. Some of the sites can only be reached on foot.

The 26 walks have also been chosen to provide routes through a range of countryside. Some walks follow river valleys whilst others clamber to the tops of the highest hills to view prehistoric sites and remains of industrial working, but many more wander through and across the rolling hills. Some include a partial exploration of the area's towns.

The walks range from 3.5 to 9.5 miles in length with the majority being between 4 and 7.5 miles. Each walk has a coloured sketch map showing position numbers related to the numbered paragraphs of the detailed navigation instructions. There is also boxed background information about features en route. A brief summary at the beginning of each walk describes the terrain and features. The book is illustrated with 400 superb colour photographs and has a full index.

The walk locations are:
Ludlow, Stanton Lacey and Bromfield - 9 miles
Craven Arms, Stokesay Castle and Norton Camp - 5.25 miles
Clungunford, Clunbury and Hopton Castle - 7.75 miles
Offa's Dyke west of Clun - 5.75 miles
Clun and Bury Ditches - 7.75 miles
Bishop's Castle - 6.25 miles
Mitchell's Fold, Ladywell and Grit Mines - 5 miles
Stiperstones, Tankerville and Bog Mines - 5.25 miles
Bridges and Ratlinghope - 5.25 miles
Church Pulverbatch - 3.5 miles
Picklescott, Woolstaston and Smethcott - 4 miles
Church Stretton and Caer Caradoc - 7.5 miles
Acton Burnell and Langley Chapel - 6.25 miles
Holdgate, Shipton and Wilderhope Manor - 7.25 miles
Much Wenlock - 6.25 miles
Morville, Upton Cressett and Aston Eyre - 5.5 miles
Bridgnorth and south - 9 miles
Worfield - 4 miles
Claverley - 4.5 miles
Highley - 4 miles
Cleobury Mortimer, Mawley Hall and Reaside Manor - 5.5 miles
Stottesdon and Sidbury - 6 miles
Bitterley and Titterstone Clee - 7 miles
Burwarton, Aston Botterell and Brown Clee - 9.5 miles
Bouldon, Clee St Margaret, Tugford and Broncroft - 8.5 miles
Diddlebury - 7.25 miles

Please note the price of this book includes £1.00 postage due to the weight.

ISBN 9781910839348 Pages 257 (2019) 210mm x 148mm

Price: 13.95