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Walking on Dartmoor

Walking on Dartmoor

by: John Earle
This authoritative and comprehensive guide to walking on Dartmoor provides 42 contrasting day walks covering the entire National Park. The walks are grouped into four main areas; the South Moor, Widecombe Walks, the North East Moor, and the North West Moor The walks are mainly circular varying from 2 miles to 12 miles and include wild and remote uplands. There is a fascinating introductory chapter covering geology, vegetation, fauna, the impact of man throughout history, and the legends of Dartmoor.

The rolling, sweeping horizon of Dartmoor with its huge skies can be thrilling. Except in a few steep sided valleys you are never shut in on the moor; there is always a feeling of distance and vast open spaces. There are wild remote areas of uplands and mountains, and yet the presence of human history is never far away. There are dangers in the numerous bogs and fickle weather which can bring down mists in minutes, so a good experienced guide is essential if you do not know the moor well; and John Earle is such a guide. For each of the walks there is a full colour map of the route, based on OS Landranger, and very precise directions.

There are also numerous colour photographs illustrating typical landscape or other features of the walks. However, we do not recommend walking on Dartmoor without OS Outdoor Leisure map 28 and a compass. The guide can give you years of pleasure discovering what is perhaps our most atmospheric National Park and the last great wilderness in England. The walks vary from easy to challenging and include several longer routes.

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ISBN 9781852843601 Pages 256 (2015) 116mm x 172mm

Price: 11.95