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Walking in the Pentland Hills Guidebook

Walking in the Pentland Hills Guidebook

by: Susan Falconer
The Pentland Hills are a popular, easily accessible upland range of low summits which extends between Edinburgh and Biggar in South Lanarkshire, to the south west of Edinburgh. The region offers a variety of experiences from an undulating ridge walk to a stroll beside the quiet waters of a reservoir. This diversity of landscape and landform is reflected in the rich natural and cultural heritage found throughout the hills.

The 30 circular routes in this guide lead the walker to the best views and the most interesting features within the Pentland Hills Regional Park, all in the knowledgeable and enthusiastic company of a Countryside Ranger. There is something to suit all abilities from the novice to the experienced hill-walker, with each route showcasing a different aspect of the area's unique character.

Step-by-step route description is accompanied by 1:50,000 OS mapping and a wealth of interesting information on the region's rich natural and cultural heritage: its geology, history, wildlife and connections with literary greats such as Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott. Local place names are explained, local folklore explored and there is a helpful glossary of dialect terms. The book is illustrated with many colour photographs.

The Pentland Hills can be enjoyed in all seasons. Although the highest summit, Scald Law, stands at 579m, stunning vistas belie their modest elevation: this is a region of grass and heather-clad slopes which rise above picturesque valleys hiding streams and reservoirs. Walking in the Pentland Hills is an ideal companion to discovering great walking on Scotland's most accessible hills.

The walk locations are:
A capital view - 5.5 km
In Stevenson's footsteps, from Swanston - 6 km
Hill, moor and wood, from Dreghorn - 7 km
Three reservoirs, from Bonaly - 9 km
A phantom walk, from Bonaly - 9 km
Harlaw Reservoir circuit - 3 km
Black Hill, Green Cleuch and Red Moss - 8.5 km
Carnethy and Turnhouse - 15 km
Three peaks, from Threipmuir - 13 km
Pentland classic, from Threipmuir - 17 km
Thieves' Road, from Little Vantage - 27 km
West Linton and Siller Holes - 10 km
Roman road, from West Linton - 14 km
Covenanters and cairns, from West Linton - 18 km
Walking with wolves, from Baddinsgill - 15 km
Poets and witches, from Carlops - 8 km
North Esk Valley, from Carlops - 7 km
The Monks' Road, from Nine Mile Burn - 6 km
The four tops, from Nine Mile Burn - 15 km
The Carnethy 5 - 10 km
Carnethy canter - 6 km
History in the hills, from Flotterstone - 5 km
Flotterstone and Fala Knowe - 9 km
Two cleuchs, from Flotterstone - 18 km
Pentland tops, from Flotterstone - 21 km
Historical hike, from Castlelaw Farm - 8 km
Exploring Caerketton - 5 km
Around Caerketton Hill - 8 km
Reservoir round, from Bonaly - 20 km
Robin's round, from Swanston - 13 km

ISBN 9781852848675 Pages 170 (2016) 116mm x 172mm

Price: 10.99