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Walking in Gloucestershire with Ivor Gurney Guidebook

Walking in Gloucestershire with Ivor Gurney Guidebook

author: Eleanor Rawling
Ivor Gurney (1890 - 1937) was shaped as a person and inspired as a poet and composer by the walks he took along the streets of old Gloucester, the riverbanks and meadowlands of the Severn, and the high hills and scarp edges of the Cotswolds.

This book contains 20 circular walks, ranging from 1.5-8 miles, following Gurney's footsteps through these diverse and beautiful landscapes, and illuminating the different phases of his life. Each walk features a hand drawn map by the artist Roger Ellis, together with poetry, letters and information about the geology, history, and important buildings of Gurney's Gloucestershire. Route instructions and practical information to complete the walks is provided, but this is much more than just a guidebook, so effortlessly combining delightful presentation with rigorous and engaging scholarly content. This beautifully produced book will be cherished by anyone who loves walking and exploring Gloucestershire's glorious countryside and wants to learn more.

Eleanor Rawling is a geographer, writer and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Socierty. She is newsletter editor of the Ivor Gurney Society and has led numerous walks in Ivor Gurney's Gloucestershire. Due to the weight of this book the price includes £1.00 towards the cost of postage.

ISBN 9781910839683 Pages 278 (2023) 210mm x 148mm

Price: 16.99