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Walking Close to the New Forest (South and East)

Walking Close to the New Forest (South and East)

by: Clive Brown
This guide is a companion to the book 'Walking Close to the New Forest (North and West)'. The format is the same, but here the book describes eleven varied and interesting circular walks mainly south and east of the A31/A35 corridor. Distances vary from 3 to nearly 9 miles. The directions are simple and detailed and include clear pencil drawn sketch maps.

William I created the 'New' Forest in 1079 in one of the largest areas of ancient deciduous woodland in southern England, clearing vast areas of trees to create the ideal landscape for hunting, evicting people and flattening their villages. The word forest originally meant an area set aside by the king for the sole purpose of hunting game. The Norman kings jealously guarded the forest, but the later Plantagenet kings gradually became less interested and people began to live and work locally again.

The walk locations are:
Milford-on-Sea and Keyhaven - 6.25 miles
Matley and Churchplace Inclosure - 4 miles
Lyndhurst and Beechen Lane - 4.5 miles
Lepe Country Park and Exbury - 6 miles
Rans Wood and Stubby Copse - 8.75 miles
Setley Pond and Sandy Down - 3.25 miles
Holmsley Inclosure - 4.25 miles
Standing Hat and Etherise Gutter - 3 miles
Blackwater Arboretum - 4.25 miles
Knightwood Oak and Bolderwood Arboretum - 3.5 miles
Ivy Wood and Pudding Barrow - 4.25 miles

ISBN 9781907669811 Pages 24 (2014 reprinted 2017) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 2.20