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Walking Close to Southwold Guidebook

Walking Close to Southwold Guidebook

by: Clive Brown
The main feature of the coast close to Southwold is the speed at which parts of it are disappearing. This is very evident from the beach walk near Covehithe where the cliffs eroded close to half a mile during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Dunwich area has always been one of the worst affected by coastal erosion. A large settlement here is thought to have been the main town of the Kingdom of East Anglia during the Dark Ages. By the Middle Ages the considerable town existing here had mostly been washed into the sea.

This guide is one of an extensive series of 'no frills' local walking guide booklets which admirably achieve their objective of getting you out in the countryside amongst beautiful scenery on carefully chosen routes full of interest. The directions are simple and detailed and include clear pencil drawn sketch maps.

The book describes twelve varied and interesting circular routes in the countryside close to the Suffolk Coast. The distances vary between 3.5 and 6 miles with just one longer walk at 10.5 miles.

The walk locations are:
Walberswick Common - 4.75 miles
Wenhaston and the River Blyth - 5.75 miles
Dunwich and Westleton Heath - 5.25 miles
Frostenden and Waterloo Road near Wrentham - 6 miles
Walberswick and Dunwich Forest - 10.5 miles
Covehithe and Benacre Broad - 5 miles
Blythburgh and Angel Marshes - 3.5 miles
Eastbridge and Minsmere Sluice - 5 miles
Southwold and Buss Creek - 4.25 miles
Dunwich and Gretfriars Wood - 3.5 miles
Westwood Marshes - 5.5 miles
Westleton and Dunwich Forest - 5.5 miles

ISBN 9781907669736 Pages 24 (2019) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 2.40