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Walking Close to South Lincolnshire Guidebook

Walking Close to South Lincolnshire Guidebook

by: Clive Brown
One of a range of 'no frills' local walking guide booklets which admirably achieve their objective of getting you out in the countryside amongst beautiful scenery on carefully chosen routes full of interest. The directions are clear and precise and the pencil drawn sketch maps are particularly attractive as well as practical. This guide focuses on the countryside between Spalding, Bourne, Sleaford and Grantham with thirteen walks, varying in length from 4 miles to 7.5 miles.

The south of the county of Lincolnshire comprises of two very different landscapes. To the east, in South Holland, is a very flat fenland with few trees or hedgerows, the vast fields have a network of ditches feeding the wider and often higher drains or rivers. In South Kesteven to the west, the undulating hills have regular patches of mainly deciduous woodland and fields containing a mixture of crops and livestock separated by uneven hedges and trees.

The walk locations are:
Boothby Pagnell and Ingoldsby Wood - 5.75 miles
Baston and Greatford - 6.5 miles
Lawyer's Creek near Holbeach St Matthew - 5.75 miles
Osbournby and Swarby - 6.5 miles
Culverthorpe Park - 5.75 miles
Spalding, Coronation Channel - 7.5 miles
Ingoldsby - 5.25 miles
Pointon and Sempringham Priory - 3.75 miles
Cowbit and Bell Tunnel Drain - 3.25 miles
Folkingham - 4 miles
Denton and Denton Reservoir - 3.75 miles
Ropsley and Little Humby - 6.5 miles
Burton-le-Coggles and Bitchfield - 5 miles

ISBN 9781907669453 Pages 28 (2012 reprinted 2021) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 2.40