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Walking Close to Hertford and the Lee Valley Guidebook

Walking Close to Hertford and the Lee Valley Guidebook

by: Clive Brown
One of a range of 'no frills' local walking guide booklets which admirably achieve their objective of getting you out in the countryside amongst beautiful scenery on carefully chosen routes full of interest. The directions are clear and precise and the pencil drawn sketch maps are particularly attractive as well as practical. This guide describes eleven varied and interesting circular walks in Hertfordshire around the valley of the River Lee and the towns of Hertford, Ware and Hoddesdon. The walks are between 3 and 8.5 miles in length.

During the late 9th century the Danish leader Guthrum used the River Lee to get his forces into the interior of the country. His opponent King Alfred built a weir at Hertford to restrict this activity. The river was the effective boundary between Saxon Wessex and the Danes throughout the Danelaw. Alfred's son made the weir into a permanent feature, fortified the town and created Hertfordshire from the territory reconquered from the Danes.

The walk locations are:
Hertford Heath and Elbow Lane - 7.25 miles
Hertford, Ware and the River Lee - 8 miles
Watton at Stone and Sally Rainbow's Dell - 6 miles
Tonwell and Bengeo Lammas Land - 6.5 miles
Dobb's Weir and Lower Nazeing - 7 miles
Tonwell and the Chelsing Tributary - 5.75 miles
Stanstead Abbotts - 5 miles
Bramfield and Queen Hoo - 3.75 miles
Bramfield and Bury Lane - 3 miles
Thundridge, Wadesmill and Barwick Ford - 5.75 miles
Hertford, Bayford and Stratton's Folly - 8.5 miles

ISBN 9781907669439 Pages 24 (2008 reprinted 2019) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 2.20