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Walk! the Peak District South

Walk! the Peak District South

by: Frank Westcott
This excellent classic guidebook contains 32 routes. Each walk entry begins with a route summary with ratings for effort, time, distance, ascents/descents, refreshments and vertigo risk. Fully detailed walk descriptions follow, including frequent timings to aid navigation and check your progress. There is full colour 1:40,000 scale Ordnance Survey maps for every route. There are also GPS waypoints at every key point on every route. Short walk and stroll alternatives are provided for many routes.

The book includes a detailed introduction to the region, covering landscape, geology and the history of agriculture and industry. There is also useful practical information and numerous colour photographs throughout the book.

What makes walking in the south Peak District so interesting is that this is a landscape of constant change, from the annual rhythm of the farming seasons to the slower changes to land use and human activities that take place over generations. This is no 'unspoiled' landscape, but it absorbs and heals the scars of man's activities over the years, from copper and lead mining to quarrying: all have become essential components of the landscape we see today.

For a full list of the walk locations click the link below the 'Add to Cart' button.

ISBN 9781904946113 Pages 160 (2006) 120mm x 210mm spiral bound

Price: 12.75