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Walk! the Isle of Wight Discovery Guidebook

Walk! the Isle of Wight Discovery Guidebook

by: Martin Simons
The Isle of Wight is different; almost a step back in time, with a slower pace and more relaxed way of life. A fantastic variety of beautiful and varied scenery, changing with the seasons, is crammed into the island which measures only 23 miles by 13 miles. It offers formidable hills, towering cliffs, river valleys, marshes, rich farmland, a variety of woodlands, prehistoric burial mounds, ancient churches, attractive villages and a wealth of inns and pubs.
Criss-crossed by over 500 miles of footpaths and bridleways as well as additional paths across access land, it also boasts nature reserves, forests and some of the most spectacular beaches in the south of England. Small wonder then, that the island is one of the best walking venues in England and no accident that it is home to the UK's biggest walking festival.

The book contains 40 walks all described in excellent detail including frequent timings to aid navigation and check your progress plus full colour Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 map extracts showing the route. Every walk begins with a route summary giving ratings for effort, time, distance, ascents/descents, refreshments and vertigo risk. GPS waypoints are provided at every key point on every route. There are short walk and stroll alternatives for many of the routes. Bus information is also provided for many routes. The book is copiously illustrated with colour photographs.

The walk locations are:
Tennyson Down and the Needles - 8 miles
Old Freshwater and the Forts - 7.9 miles
The Western Yar and Yarmouth - 7.8 miles
Compton Down and Five Barrows - 6.8 miles
Hulverstone to Ningwood - 6.7 miles
The Long Stone - 7 miles
Hamstead and the Tree Graveyard - 7.3 miles
Shalfleet, Winkle Street and Shorwell - - 7.3 miles
Brighstone and Grammar's Common - 6.7 miles
Newtown Nature Reserve - 5.4 miles
Shalfleet, Chessell Down and Newbridge - 8.6 miles
Calbourne and Brighstone Forest - 10.8 miles
Brighstone Bay - 6.6 miles
Bowcombe Down and Gallibury Hump - 7.4 miles
Thorness Bay - 6.6 miles
Parkhurst Forest - 9.4 miles
Porchfield, Gurnard and Cowes - 7.9 miles
Shorwell to Niton - 7.3 miles
Chale Bay - 8.1 miles
Shorwell and the Downs - 8.4 miles
Carisbrooke Castle and Gatcombe - 7 miles
Hoy's Monument and St Catherine's Down - 5.9 miles
Niton. Gore Cliff and St Catherine's Point - 5.6 miles
Rookley and the Chequers Inn - 6.2 miles
River Medina and Newport - 6.4 miles
St George's Down and Newport - 6.6 miles
Whitwell, Week Down and the Undercliff - 6.6 miles
Appuldurcombe - 4.8 miles
Mersley and Arreton Downs - 6 miles
Godshill and Old Shanklin - 6.3 miles
Wootton Old Mill Pond and Havenstreet - 10.1 miles
The White Well, St Lawrence, Ventnor and Luccombe - 7 miles
Wroxall Horseshoe and America Wood - 7 miles
Quarr Abbey - 5.2 miles
Sandown to Arreton - 5.7 miles
Bonchurch Challenge and the Devil's Chimney - 5.8 miles
Newchurch and Ashey Down - 6.9 miles
Brading Down and Bloodstone Copse - 4.3 miles
St Helens and Priory Bay - 4.8 miles
Bembridge and Culver Down - 8.8 miles

ISBN 9781782750024 Pages 144 (2014) 120mm x 210mm

Price: 12.99