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Walk! Dorset

Walk! Dorset

by: Charles Davis
Dorset is a genuinely enduring patch of England that matches and improves on the bucolic clichés, a place where modern services collude with picturesque villages and unspoilt countryside to provide the perfect holiday destination, and where geology and history have conspired to fashion a landscape that can only properly be explored on foot.

This book aims to take you into that real Dorset, a living vital place that would nonetheless be familiar to Hardy, and the ensure that, when you get there, you're not disappointed by a case of mistaken identity.

This excellent and comprehensive guide contains 40 walks all described in excellent detail including frequent timings to aid navigation and check your progress plus full colour Ordnance Survey 1:40,000 map extracts showing the route. These are Explorer maps reduced in scale.

The book divides the walks into three sections. The first describes routes following sections of long distance paths, including the Purbeck way and the Wessex Ridgeway and are mostly linear walks. The second section describes coastal routes which are nearly all circular. The third section, intended for weekend breaks, provides two walks based upon a town with good accommodation options.

Every walk begins with a route summary giving ratings for effort, time, distance, ascents/descents, refreshments and vertigo risk. GPS waypoints are provided at every key point on every route. There are short walk and stroll alternatives for many of the routes. Bus information is also provided for many routes. The book is copiously illustrated with colour photographs. There is an informative introductory chapter, plenty of additional practical information and a comprehensive index.

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ISBN 9781904946205 Pages 156 (2006) 120mm x 210mm spiral bound

Price: 12.95