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Walk! Around the Malverns

Walk! Around the Malverns

by Bob Greaves
This meticulously designed full colour guide book contains thirty great walks, ranging from a gentle stroll along the River Severn from Upton upon Severn to a strenuous hike along the complete length of the Malvern Hills. In the east there a five walks over Bredon Hill, enhanced by its encircling string of delightful villages, many with great country pubs. A gentle walk around Pershore follows, then a longer walk which visits Tewkesbury. Going south, another stroll takes in three memorable churches and three pubs linked together by a river, then a visit to Upton upon Severn is followed by two interesting walks into an out of Worcester. Two leisurely walks over the Severn Plain lead to the Malvern Hill proper where eleven walks criss-cross the hills in myriad ways. Other walks explore Old Storridge Common, go over Oyster Hill to Ledbury and follow the Daffodil Way around Dymock. At the western extremity two walks take you to the River Wye and up May Hill with its distinctive tree-topped profile.

The book is outstanding in the navigational information it provides. Each walk includes a route summary, ratings for effort, time, distance, ascents and descents, refreshments and vertigo risk. The fully detailed walk description includes frequent timings to aid navigation and check you progress, plus GPS waypoints at every key point on the route. Also provided are full colour 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey maps with the route and waypoints marked and lots of full colour photographs. There is even postcode satnav location for each walk start and bus information where this is possible.

ISBN 9781904946762 Pages 149 (2011) 122mm x 210mm

Price: 12.99