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Wainwright A Coast to Coast Walk Guidebook

Wainwright A Coast to Coast Walk Guidebook

by: A Wainwright revised by Chris Jesty
This is a fully revised and updated edition of A. Wainwright's unique pocket-sized guide to the Coast to Coast Walk which he devised in the early 1970s. Wainwright described his brainchild as 'a route for walkers with a liking for long distance "unofficial' expeditions'. Over the years his book has prompted countless enthusiasts to lace up their walking boots and follow his example. Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk has inspired TV series by Tony Robinson and Julia Bradbury and become one of the best-loved long-distance walks in the world.

The walk starts from St Bees Head on the Irish Sea. It ends 190 miles later at Robin Hood's Bay on the North Sea, crossing the Lake District and the Pennines into Swaledale, then the Cleveland Hills and the North York Moors. It links three National Parks, all via rights of way or areas of open access. The average walker, thought Wainwright, could do the walk in two weeks, but it can easily be split into stages.

This new edition of the Pictorial Guide contains Wainwright's unique hand-drawn route maps and his inimitable commentary, preserved but almost invisibly revised by Chris Jesty to ensure current accuracy. The route is picked out in red for greater visibility on the page, and every step of the walk has been checked and updated. The book contains:
A continuous map of the route at a scale of 2 inches = 1 mile.
A running commentary.
200 drawings and diagrams.
A skeleton log of the route for walkers to record their journey.

ISBN 9780711239197 Pages 182 (2017) 113mm x 183mm

Price: 14.95