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Three Choirs Way

Three Choirs Way Walking Guidebook

Three Choirs Way Walking Guidebook

by: Gerry Stewart
A footpath way between Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester, with a theme linking the walk and the Music Festival celebrated at the three Cathedrals for over 300 years. The Three Choirs Festival arose, partly, from the close proximity of the three cities which has resulted in close cultural ties between them. The Three Choirs Way serves to strengthen and promote those links, by providing a glorious walk of 100 miles through the attractive and varied countryside of the three counties, evoked in the old adage 'blessed is the eye between Severn and Wye'.

The guide breaks the route down into eight sections with a chapter for each. The starting points for each section are Gloucester, Kilcot, Haugh Wood, Withington, Stanford Bishop, Broadheath, Malvern Link, Pendock and then back to Gloucester. The route instructions are comprehensive and are supported by clear sketch maps. The text is further enhanced by the addition of background information and some thoughtfully chosen local poetry.

ISBN 9780952787068 Pages 110 (2023) 138mm x 215mm

Price: 6.95