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Three Castles Path

The 3 Castles Path Guidebook

The 3 Castles Path Guidebook

by: David Ramm
The 3 Castles Path is a long distance path from Windsor to Winchester, via Odiham Castle. It provides 60 miles of easy walking through peaceful, historic and beautiful countryside including parkland and forest, heaths and downland, quiet streams and picturesque villages.

The idea for this route was inspired by the well documented 13th century journeys of King John between Windsor Castle and Winchester Castle via the castle he built near Odiham.

The guide is practical and well organised, providing detailed route finding instructions together with excellent large scale colour strip maps ensuring easy and safe navigation. There are also historical notes throughout the guide to keep you informed about places visited. Numerous colour photographs by Dave Ramm enhance the attractive layout of the book.

The route is described in 15 sections, each on a two page spread of the guide. It is recommended that five days should be allowed to complete the walk allowing for time to explore places along the way. There is some practical advice on planning, useful contact information and a gradient profile. The book also includes six short circular walks at points along the route.

The route sections in the book are:
Windsor to Snow Hill - 2.5 miles
Snow Hill to Golden Gates - 3.5 miles
Golden Gates to Swinley Park - 4.5 miles
Swinley Park to Broadmoor Farm - 3.5 miles
Broadmoor Farm to Moulsham Green - 4 miles
Moulsham Green to Hazeley Heath - 5.25 miles
Hazeley Heath to Stacey's Bridge - 4.25 miles
Stacey's Bridge to Greywell Tunnel - 4.5 miles
Greywell Tunnel to Tunworth - 4 miles
Tunworth to Ellisfield - 4 miles
Ellisfield to Lower Wield - 4.5 miles
Lower Wield to Bugmore Hill - 3.5 miles
Bugmore Hill to Abbotstone - 3.75 miles
Abbotstone to Easton - 4 miles
Easton to Winchester - 4.25 miles

ISBN 9781908851222 Pages 48 (2016) 128mm x 210mm

Price: 7.95