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The World of Weather

The World of Weather

by: Brian Cosgrove
If you walk regularly in the countryside it is extremely usuful to be able to predict the likely weather from observation of the sky; if you enjoy hillwalking this skill becomes a necessity to ensure you make the right decisions for the safety of yourself and other walkers for whom you may be responsible. Apart from safety, however, an understanding of weather systems, like understanding the landscapes you walk through, all adds to the pleasure and satisfaction of a day outdoors with nature.
Even given the enormous technological break-throughs that satellites and radar have brough to the weather forecaster, accurate predictions remain, by nature, without total certainty. Meteorology is an inexact science where fate holds the trump card. Yet, with an understanding of the basic weather systems and of why certain skyscapes occur, it is often possible to add personal observations to the overall situation, as supplied by a professional forecast, to arrive at a more accurate local forecast. This is the objective of this book.
By the use of beautiful colour photography and skilful use of colour diagrams, the reader will soon understand what is happening to the elements about him. Predictions of wind, rain and temperature can then be made with some rationale.
ISBN 9781840372106 pages 160 (1997) 213mm x 278mm

Price: 16.99