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Walking the North York Moors

Walking the North York Moors

by: Paddy Dillon
The North York Moors National Park is broad, bleak and barren but offers a great sense of spaciousness and displays the largest continuous expanse of heather moorland in England, a spectacular sight during August and early September. There are also dozens of deep, verdant dales full of charming scenes as well as a remarkable cliff coastline designated as Heritage Coast.

This guidebook offers 50 walks in seven regions of the North York Moors National Park, enabling walkers to discover the Tabular Hills, Hambleton Hills, Cleveland Hills, Northern Moors, High Moors, Eastern Moors and Cleveland Coast. For those who like to rise to a challenge, the course of the classic Lyke Wake Walk is also described. In total there is almost 750km (465 miles) of walking routes in this book!

All of the walks are clearly illustrated with Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 scale Landranger mapping showing the route highlighted. Distances vary from 4 to 13.5 miles. There are plenty of colour photographs as well as informative text pointing out everything of interest en route. This supportive text is clearly distinguished from the route finding text, making it easy to use the guide whilst walking. All of the practical information you could want for planning is also included.

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ISBN 9781852849511 Pages 260 (2019) 115mm x 172mm

Price: 11.95