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Thames Path National Trail Walking Companion

Thames Path National Trail Walking Companion

compiled by: Jos Joslin and Elaine Townson
Walkers will find this guide invaluable, as it is full of all the practical information needed to plan a walk the Thames Path National Trail. It includes in-depth details about a wide variety of accommodation and facilities such as pubs, village shops and attractions close to the Trail. It also gives advice about a range of other things including maps, transport and appropriate clothing to wear on your walk.

The Thames Path follows the River Thames for 184 miles (294 km) from its source in a Cotswold meadow to the shining hoods of the Thames Barrier in Greenwich. On it journey the Thames Path meanders through peaceful, grazed water meadows, historic towns and cities and many unspoilt rural villages, before cutting through the heart of London to finish just a few miles from the sea. Walking along the Thames Path is one of the easiest and best ways to explore the countryside and Capital of Britain.

ISBN 9780956107442 pages 112 (2013) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 4.95