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Sussex Ouse Valley Way

Sussex Ouse Valley Way Walking Guidebook

Sussex Ouse Valley Way Walking Guidebook

by: Terry Owen and Peter Anderson
The Sussex Ouse Valley Way is a walk through Sussex following the River Ouse's journey from its source to the sea. This journey starts in the High Weald at Lower Beeding, crosses into the Low Weald and eventually passes through the South Downs south of Lewes to finish at Seaford Bay. This is a forty-two mile walk through quintessentially English countryside and provides plenty of scenic variety and historic interest which might be missed if it were not brought to the walker's attention by the guide authors.

The guide has full route directions supported by excellent, detailed colour sketch maps and attractive colour photographs of places along the Way, but it is the fascinating story of the Ouse Valley which the guide provides that will make the walk a pleasant journey of discovery. There is a forward by Ray Mears.

The guide breaks the 42 miles into six sections as follows:
Lower Beeding to Staplefield Common - 7 miles
Staplefield Common to Lindfield - 7.5 miles
Lindfield to Newick - 7 miles
Newick to Barcombe Mills - 6 miles
Barcombe Mills to Rodmell - 8 miles
Rodmell to Seaford Bay - 6.5 miles

ISBN 9780954965471 Pages 72 (2012) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 8.95