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St Kenelm's Way

St Kenelm's Way Walking Guidebook

St Kenelm's Way Walking Guidebook

by: Gerry Stewart
The legend of the Saxon prince, St Kenelm, is a fascinating story and one that Gerry Stewart brings to life in this book in which he describes the route he has devised through beautiful Worcestershire countryside. St Kenelm's Way is a walk of 60 miles from St Kenelm's church, Romsley in the Clent Hills to Winchcombe in the Cotswolds, tracing the legendary journey of the young prince's body from the site of his murder to his burial place at Winchcombe. The holy remains were carried ceremoniously by the monks of Winchcombe Abbey and wherever the cortege rested on the journey a crystal spring gushed forth.

Following initial chapters on the St Kenelm legend and the Saxon Kings of Mercia the guide describes the route in five sections, with plenty of details about places associated with St Kenelm, and the text is supported by clear and accurate sketch maps. The sections are: Clent to Upton Warren; Upton Warren to Upton Snodsbury; Upton Snodsbury to Great Comberton; Great Comberton to Dumbleton; Dumbleton to Winchcombe.

ISBN 0952787040 Pages 79 (2005) 138mm x 215mm

Price: 5.95