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South Yorkshire - From the Peak to the Plains Walking Guidebook

South Yorkshire - From the Peak to the Plains Walking Guidebook

by: Paul Hannon
The county of South Yorkshire stretches from the dramatic eastern moorlands of the Peak District National Park through colourful countryside to canal towpaths on the spacious plains.

This guidebook contains 25 great walks, well-illustrated with colour photographs and concisely described, which lead you through some absorbing landscapes of woodland, riverbank, parkland, reservoir, moorland and old railways. There are overview sketch maps to compliment the navigation text. Notes on points of specific interest are included within the text, but printed in red to distinguish them from route finding.

Explore the Pennine valleys of Rivelin, Ewden and Bradfield Dale, and the open spaces of Hathersage Moor, Wharncliffe Chase, Broomhead Moor, Derwent Edge and Midhope Moors.

Discover natural delights at Barnburgh Cliff, Silksone Fall and Old Moor, parkland and follies at Wentworth Woodhouse, and the charms of Don Gorge, Dearne Valley and chesterfield Canal.

Walk through history at Conisbrough Castle, Roche Abbey and Monk Bretton Priory; visit industrial heritage at Worsbrough, Elsecar and Wortley; and savour a wealth of colourful villages such as Bradfield, Fishlake, Cawthorne and Bolsterstone.

The walk locations are:
Hathersage Moor - 5.75 miles
Porter Brook - 6 miles
Rivelin Valley - 6 miles
Derwent Edge - 6.75 miles
Ughill Moors - 5.5 miles
Bradfield Dale - 6.25 miles
Ewden Valley - 6.5 miles
Broomhead Moor - 5.75 miles
Midhope Moors - 5 miles
Woodhead Pass - 5.5 miles
Silkstone Fall - 6.25 miles
Cannon Hall Park - 5.25 miles
Wharncliffe Chase - 6.5 miles
Upper Don Country - 5.75 miles
Around Worsbrough - 6.5 miles
Dearne Valley - 6.5 miles
Wentworth Woodhouse - 7 miles
Old Moor - 5.25 miles
Barnburgh Cliff - 6.75 miles
Brodsworth - 6.5 miles
Don Waterways - 6.75 miles
Burghwallis - 6.5 miles
Don Gorge - 7.5 miles
Roche Abbey - 5 miles
Chesterfield Canal - 6 miles

ISBN 9781907626258 Pages 96 (2017) 115mm x 177 mm

Price: 5.99