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Shropshire Way Walking Guidebook

Shropshire Way Walking Guidebook

by: David Berry
This book provides a comprehensive guide to the recently extended and upgraded Shropshire Way long distance path which explores the stunning varied scenery of the beautiful county of Shropshire. It provides a fascinating insight into the history of Shropshire and the various communities that the trail passes through. The routes incorporate diverse scenic landscape features, stunning viewpoints, historic towns and villages, ancient highways, Iron Age hillforts, castles, and other sites of historical interest.

The Shropshire Way is intended to provide a comprehensive network of route sections that allows access from many Shropshire towns that can be tailored to individual requirements. The objective is to allow walkers to explore all the best of Shropshire's countryside, providing opportunities for multi-day walks of varying length, as well as linear day walks linked to public transport. At its heart is Shrewsbury, whose mainline station on the National Rail Network, facilitates easy access from and to anywhere in Britain. The Shropshire Way currently consists of 27 linked route sections covering a total of 297 miles.

The guidebook provides detailed route descriptions with accompanying maps, historical content, guidance and practical information to help people walk the Shropshire Way. Because of the network structure of the Way the book achieves this by offering:

A continuous variable long distance circular trail of up to 202 miles around Shropshire.

A continuous variable long distance circular trail of up to 98.5 miles around North Shropshire and up to 119 miles around South Shropshire.

Other suggested shorter multi-day walks.

33 linear day walks linked to public transport covering most route sections.

This detailed and comprehensive guide gives complete coverage of what is now one of the country's major long-distance trails. For route map see link below 'Add to Cart' button.

ISBN 9781908748317 Pages 131 (2016) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 12.50