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Short Walks in the Chilterns Guidebook

Short Walks in the Chilterns Guidebook

author: L J Stocks
This collection of 20 short, circular walks in the Chilterns was put together with families in mind. Perfect for younger and older walkers, and those looking for a brief excursion; the shortest route is just over 1.5 miles, and all are under 3.5 miles.

Explore the woodland, farm fields, canals, rivers and, of course, rolling hills that make the Chilterns one of the most beautiful and varied places to walk. In this book you'll find routes that walk the flat valleys, circumnavigate hilltops and wind along the River Thames, with just a few gentle undulations. All walks include parking options, highlights, easy-to-follow numbered directions referenced to coloured maps and suggestions for refreshment stops along the way. A panel at the beginning of each walk chapter gives practical information and there are coloured photographs.

The walk locations are:
Christmas Common - 1.75 miles
Warburg Nature Reserve - 2.5 miles
Fingest - 2.5 miles
Frieth - 3.25 miles
Medmenham - 3 miles
Hurley - 1.75 miles
Bledlow - 3.25 miles
Lacey Green - 3 miles
Bradenham - 2.5 miles
Downley - 2 miles
Weston Turville - 3 miles
Kings Ash - 3.25 miles
Great Missenden - 2.25 miles
Little Kingshill - 1.75 miles
Coleshill - 2 miles
Hodgemoor Woods - 2 miles
Cholesbury - 2.75 miles
Ley Hill - 3 miles
Dunstable Downes - 3.5 miles
Little Gaddesden - 1.75 miles

ISBN 9781846744211 Pages 64 (2023) 108mm x 148mm

Price: 6.95