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Shetland 40 Coast and Country Walks

Shetland 40 Coast and Country Walks

by: Paul and Helen Webster
Britain's most northerly island group is full of natural wonders, pristine beaches, spectacular sea stacks, over a million breeding seabirds, wonderful displays of sub-Arctic flora and the highest density of otters in Europe, as well as puffins, killer whales and rare birdlife. Visitors to Shetland will also discover a welcoming blend of Scottish and Nordic culture and an abundance of archaeological attractions, including chambered cairns, Viking longhouses, Pictish carvings and the best complete Iron Age round-tower, or broch.

The 40 rotes in this guide will introduce walkers who love to explore to places they will never forget. Each walk entry begins with at-a-glance details of distance, time, terrain, parking and public transport access where available. Clear route finding instructions are provided together with simple overview coloured sketch maps, but OS Explorer map sheet numbers are also provided. The text also includes brief notes on features of interest along the way and there are colour photographs throughout. The walk locations are:

Unst, Yell and Fetlar
Framgord and Sandwick - 7.5 km
The Keen of Hamar - 5.5 km
The Horns of Hagmark - 9 km
Hermaness - 10.5 km
Heoga Ness and Ladies Hole - 5.25 km
The White Wife of Otterswick - 6.75 km
Stuis of Graveland - 11.5 km
Sands of Breckon and Gloup Ness - 9 km
The Snap and the Loch of Funzie - 8.25 km
Strandburgh Ness - 9.5 km

North Mainland, Muckle Roe and Skerries
Mavis Grind and Islesburgh tomb - 2.25 km
Ness of Hillswick - 7.75 km
Esha Ness and Tangwick - 13.75 km
Ronas Hill - 6.5 km
Fethaland - 10 km
Uyea circuit from Sandvoe - 15.5 km
Lunna Ness and Stanes of Stofast - 11 km
Out Skerries: Bruray and Housay - 11.75 km
Muckle Roe and the Hams - 11.5 km

Central Mainland, Papa Stour, Bressay and Noss
Lerwick - 6 km
Scalloway and Bur Wick - 6.75 km
Meal Beach and Hamnavoe - 4.5 km
Banna Minn and Kettla Ness - 7.75 km
Westerwick coast from Silwick - 8.5 km
Broch of Culswick and Burga Stacks - 6 km
Sandness Hill and Bay of Deepdale - 10.75 km
Coastal circuit of Papa Stour - 17 km
Ward of Bressay and Kirkabister Ness - 12.5 km
Isle of Noss - 8.25 km

South Mainland and Mousa
Mousa - 3.5 km
No Ness and Broch of Burraland - 8.25 km
St Ninian's Isle - 5.75 km
Fitful Head - 9 km
Ness of Burgi - 3.25 km
Sumburgh Head and Jarlshof - 5.5 km

Foula and Fair Isle
Foula coastal walk - 4 km
Da Sneck Ida Smaalie - 5 km
Da Sneug - 6.75 km
Ward Hill of Fair Isle - 4.25 km
Malcolm's Head and Sheep Rock - 12.75 km

ISBN 9781907025662 Pages 96 (2018) 107mm x 148mm

Price: 6.45