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Severn Way

Walking the Severn Way Cicerone Guidebook

Walking the Severn Way Cicerone Guidebook

author: Terry Marsh
The River Severn, the UK's longest river, begins in the heights of Plynlimon in Mid-Wales and flows down to the Bristol Channel at Severn Beach, through the historic counties of Shropshire, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire. This guide describes the 215-mile official route of the Severn Way as it follows the natural course of the river through peaceful landscapes packed with historical and geographical interest including the Hafren Forest.

The guidebook divides the trail into 22 short stages, allowing for many options according to ability and preferences. There is a variant start over Plynlimon and an onward 'Bristol Link' route from Severn Beach to Bristol city centre. There are clear instructions supported by Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 scale mapping showing the route highlighted. There is plenty of additional information on points of interest and historical features along the route together with numerous colour photographs. This information is contained in separate panels to easily distinguish it from route finding instructions. Details of public transport, local facilities and a route summary table are also included. This comprehensive guide is an indispensable planning aid and companion to the walk.

Flowing through the most superb landscapes and past appealing towns and villages, the River Severn pulls together threads of history, trade, commerce, civil war and the lives of ordinary folk. That walkers should want to trace its course, its many twists and turns, is hardly surprising, not least because this is the longest river in the UK. The best time to walk the Severn Way is between May and September.

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ISBN 9781786311405 Pages 172 (2023) 118mm x 172mm

Price: 15.20