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Rutland Round

Rutland Round Walking Guidebook

Rutland Round Walking Guidebook

by: John Williams
The Rutland Round is a circular walk of about 65 miles round the county of Rutland. This guide breaks the route into five, near-equal sections and travels it in an anti-clockwise direction; but it can be started at any point and travelled in either direction. The walk always remains inside the County of Rutland although along the northern section between Thistleton and Teigh the path is actually the boundary. The route is close to the perimeter of the county for most of its length, but deliberate diversions are made to visit Rutland Water and the County town of Oakham. The guide provides clear route directions, good sketch maps and is printed in full colour with many photographs illustrating places along the route.

The sections are:
Oakham to Uppingham
Uppingham to Barrowden
Barrowden to Empingham
Empingham to Thistleton
Thistleton to Oakham

ISBN 9781871890440 Pages 44 (2010 reprinted 2019) 125mm x 204mm

Price: 6.75