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Riversides Way

Riversides Way

Riversides Way

by: David Milton
The Riversides Way follows a circular 72 mile route through the beautiful and secretive countryside of the Welsh Marches to the south and west of Ludlow, remaining in the valleys of the rivers Lugg and Teme, and the surrounding hills throughout its length. The walk passes through spectacular border scenery and includes locations which are well off the main tourist routes and remain largely unspoilt as a result. It visits many sites of interest including castles, churches, mills, hill forts and numerous small settlements, some of historic significance.

Its main destinations are Presteigne, Bleddfa, Knighton, Lingen, Leintwardine, Ludlow, Richards Castle and Aymestrey. The longest of the walk's eight stages is 13 miles and the shortest 6.5 miles, the latter being designed to be walked in conjunction with a new Ludlow Town Trail, which is also included in the book. Clear directions and sketch maps are provided, the route being described starting from Aymestry. Practical information is provided to assist in planning the walk and contact details given to assist with accommodation. There is also plenty of background information provided about places of interest along the route.

The day walk stages are:
Aymestrey to Presteigne - 9.5 miles
Presteigne to Bleddfa - 9 miles
Bleddfa to Knighton - 7.5 miles
Knighton to Lingen - 9 miles
Lingen to Leintwardine - 13 miles
Leintwardine to Ludlow - 9.5 miles
Ludlow to Richards Castle - 6.5 miles
Richards Castle to Aymestrey - 8 miles

ISBN 9781869922436 Pages 147 (2001) 143mm x 228mm

Price: 8.95