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Plogsland Round Lincoln

Plogsland Round Lincoln

by: Brett Collier
Plogsland Round is a 47 mile circular walk around Lincoln. Throughout Lincolnshire there are many delightful walks over public rights of way, but it is often necessary to use a car to get to them. Plogsland Round, Lincoln as designed to reduce the necessity for lengthy car journeys and also to offer the possibility of using public transport. In addition to the long established circular route, two other connections have been made so that it is possible to begin and end Plogsland Round from the Youth Hostel on the South Common, Lincoln.

The circular route is divided into five sections, starting at Fiskerton. They are: Fiskerton to Nettleham; Nettleham to Saxilby; Saxilby to Thorpe-on-the-Hill; Thorpe-on-the-Hill to Branston; Branston to Fiskerton. The alternative starting section is from Lincoln South Common to Fiskerton and the alternative finishing section is from Washingborough back to Lincoln South Common. The guide gives clear directions for all sections and includes sketch maps of the route. Terrain details, distances, estimated walking times and public transport details are included.

ISBN 1-901184-41-2 Pages 40 (2001) 150mm x 210mm Spiral bound

Price: 5.50