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Pendle Way

Pendle Way Walking Guidebook

Pendle Way Walking Guidebook

by: Paul Hannon
The 45 mile Pendle Way makes an absorbing circuit of the heart of East Lancashire, exploring the hugely popular 'Witch Country'. The guide begins at the attractive village of Barley and is described in a clockwise direction. Along the way rich contrasts alternate lush riverbanks with windswept moorlands. Aside from Pendle Hill itself, open country is found on Weets Hill and the broad flanks of Boulsworth Hill. The River Calder, Pendle Water and numerous lively streams add their own charm.

This well illustrated and concisely described guide leads along every step of the route, with the addition of several recommended detours. Discover the enchanting villages of Wycoller, Barley and Newchurch, on the flanks of Lancashire's hill country and the Pennine moorlands. The Pendle Way provides highly accessible walking in the shadow of the celebrated Pendle Hill, culminating in a memorable ascent of this mighty landmark.
You will require OS Outdoor Leisure maps 21 and 41, which cover the entire route.

ISBN 9781870141574 Pages 48 (2006) 117mm x 175mm

Price: 3.99