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Offa's Dyke Path Trailblazer Walking Guidebook

Offa's Dyke Path Trailblazer Walking Guidebook

authors: Keith Carter and Joel Newton
The Offa's Dyke Path is a superb National Trail that runs from the North Wales Coast to the Severn Estuary following the line of Offa's Dyke, an impressive 8th Century earthwork along the English/Welsh border. The ever-changing landscape; the Clwydian Range, the Shropshire Hills, the Black Mountains and the Wye Valley, is steeped in history and legend providing 177 miles (285km) of fascinating walking.

The book includes 98 detailed walking maps at the largest scale available in any guide, just under 1:20,000 (just over 3 inches to 1 mile). These are bigger than even the most detailed walking maps currently available. The maps include unique features including walking times, directions, tricky junctions, places to stay, places to eat and points of interest. These are not general purpose maps but fully edited maps drawn by walkers for walkers. Downloadable GPS waypoints are also included.

Whether hiking the entire route or sampling highlights on day walks or short breaks the book provides itineraries to suit all walkers. Detailed public transport information and access points are also included. There is practical information for all budgets including what to see; where to eat (cafes, pubs and restaurants); where to stay (bed and breakfast, hotels, bunkhouses, hostels and campsites). The Offa's Dyke Path can, of course, be walked in either direction but this guide is written for walking north to south.

ISBN 9781912716036 Pages 253 (2019) 120mm x 180mm

Price: 12.50