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Ochil Hills and Clackmannanshire Walks Map Guide

Ochil Hills and Clackmannanshire Walks Map Guide

by: Footprint
This walking map-guide shows eight walks of varying length and difficulty exploring the Ochil Hills and Clackmannanshire. All the walks are suitable for casual walkers. Each walk is clearly shown on a specially prepared detailed coloured map and includes accompanying text. The route is highlighted in yellow. The walks include The Devon Way, a largely flat walk along the line of an old railway that has now been developed as a multi-user leisure route.

The walks are graded into three broad categories:
Short: less than 3 miles and 1 to 2 hours duration
Medium: 3 to 6 miles and 2 to 4 hours duration
Long: more than 6 miles and more than 3 hours duration.

After selecting a walk fold the map to expose the chosen walk panel and replace it into the plastic sleeve. Red arrows on the map indicate the direction of the walk. The scale has been adjusted so that each walk will fit onto a single panel. Distances can be measured by the mile marks shown on each map. An overview map shows the location of the walks and includes a key to the map symbols.

The walk locations are:
Menstrie to Tillicoultry - 4 miles (linear) bus return
Mill Glen Trail - 1.5 miles
The Devon Way - 11 miles
Alva Glen - 1.5 miles
Dollar to Glendevon - 9 miles
Gartmorn Dam - 2.5 miles
Dollar Glen - 1.5 miles
Alloa Tower to Clackmannan Tower - 2 miles

ISBN 9781871149302 Folded Map (2006) 120mm x 210mm folded

Price: 2.95