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More Walks to Waterfalls in Mid and North Wales

More Walks to Waterfalls in Mid and North Wales

by: Des Marshall
A few of the 26 walks in this book are very short, from half a mile to just over 4 miles, but to hear a waterfall increase in noise as it is approached excites the mind and is part of the adventure. It is better to visit waterfalls during or immediately after a period of rainfall when they will all be at their best, but this can lead to slippery conditions. The routes in this book take you to the best safe vantage points.

Each walk begins with an overview description of its features so you know what to expect. Directions to the start are given and there is a table with start grid references. The detailed route finding instructions include a sketch map referenced to paragraphs in the text.

For a complete list of the walk locations and location map click on the link below 'Add to Cart' button.

!SBN 9781908748157 Pages 41 (2014) 148mm x 210mm

Price: 4.95